What You Need to Know About the 2025 ERAS® Application Season

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The AAMC is focused on improving the Electronic Residency Application Service® (ERAS®) through research and community feedback to enhance the experience for applicants, programs, and medical school users. Learn more about the 2025 MyERAS® application and how applicants can share more information about their experiences and career goals with residency and fellowship programs. 

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AAMC Events

Webinar Schedule

Check out the webpage with Upcoming ERAS and Transition to Residency Webinars to find information and registration links for events hosted by the AAMC ERAS team, Careers in Medicine, our collaborators at Thalamus, and more.

Recordings and Resources

New Features in the Residency ExplorerTM Tool

There are exciting changes and improvements for the upcoming 2025 ERAS season, specifically with the Residency Explorer tool. Representatives from nine partner organizations in the transition to residency have been working hard to enhance your experience and provide even more valuable insights as you navigate the residency application process. The Residency Explorer tool empowers you with the information you will need to be successful in your residency application journey. For this season you will find: 

  • Interview Data: You can compare yourself to past applicants who received interview invitations from the programs you are researching.
  • New Data on Program Signals and Geographic Alignment: You will be able to see interview invitation rates of applicants who used Program Signal or had Geographic Alignment at the program level.
  • Personalized Profile Comparison: See how a program aligns with your personal needs and career interests by selecting program characteristics important to your residency training.
  • Original Source-Verified Data: We're proud to provide original source-verified data from the six national organizations involved in the residency transition process. The Residency Explorer site offers the ONLY tool that includes data from all these sources.

New Fee Structure and Expanded Fee Assistance for 2025 ERAS Applicants 

You’ll be pleased to know that the AAMC is addressing the costs associated with applying for residency: 

Program Signaling Information and Updates

The MyERAS application gives you the ability to use program signals to indicate your genuine interest in a program at the time of application. They are designed for programs to use, as one of many data points, in deciding whom to invite for interviews. 

  • Visit the Program Signaling for the 2025 MyERAS Application Season webpage for detailed information on program signals, including the 22 specialties participating this season.
  • In the upcoming 2025 ERAS season, as a residency applicant or a December fellowship applicant, you can indicate your interest in the program.
  • You can assign and send signals to programs. The number of available signals varies by specialty.    

Thalamus Information for ERAS Applicants

The AAMC has teamed up with Thalamus to improve the transition to residency. Now, you have access to a centralized platform that simplifies and enhances the interview scheduling and management process.  

  • All Thalamus products are free to applicants.
  • Experience the convenience of mobile interview scheduling (with downloadable apps for Apple and Android). 

ERAS applicants, you can set up your Thalamus accounts beginning in July 2024.  

What's New for the 2025 MyERAS Application

We make MyERAS application updates every season based on research and community feedback. All changes are intended to improve the application process for applicants and programs, support holistic review, and contribute to developing a more diverse physician workforce. For the 2025 season, changes have been made in the following sections:

Personal Information

Content New for 2025 MyERAS Application
ACLS, PALS, BLS certificate information                                    Questions removed from Personal Information section. Additional certificate information moved and added to the Licenses & Certificates section.
SSP, AOA, and GHS statuses  Moved to Education under new Honors & Awards subsection as Honor Societies. 

Biographic Information

Content New for 2025 MyERAS Application
Language Fluency Simplified the question to solicit language proficiency at a Good level. Added Yes/No response for English. 
Self-identification Information                                Expanded ethnicity category and subcategory options. 

Changed the number of available hometown entries from 5 to 3.


Content New for 2025 MyERAS Application
Higher education institution and field of study                                 Replaced the institution open text field with menus and added a write-in option with the ability to select or manually enter multiple fields of study. 
Honors & Awards  Added new subsection with other Honors or Awards and the ability to add multiple honors and awards by type. 
Professional Memberships Added new subsection under Honors & Awards where professional memberships can be added individually. 


Content New for 2025 MyERAS Application
Medical Education/Training                               Interruption     Moved to Education section with updated language. The language update narrows the focus to professionalism and academic issues.
Hobbies & Interests Removed from the selected Experience type menu and reinstated as separate section. 

Licenses & Certifications (Formerly Licensure)

Content New for 2025 MyERAS Application
Board Certifications                                               

Added new questions to accommodate all board certifications.

DEA Registration Moved into separate subsection.
Other Certifications Added new questions to accommodate other health care related certifications (ACLS, PALS, BLS, etc.).


Content New for 2025 MyERAS Application
Publications        Replaced APA citation style with AMA.

ERAS Resources

2025 ERAS Residency Applicant Worksheet
Program Signaling for the 2025 MyERAS Application Season
ERAS Participating Specialties and Programs (Page will be updated for 2025 season in June).
2025 MyERAS Applicant User Guide
2024 MyERAS Content Research Updates

2025 ERAS Timelines

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