What’s New in the 2024 MyERAS® Application

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The 2024 MyERAS® application will include a number of research-informed changes to make it more useful to programs and applicants. Find out more by reviewing this page.

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The Electronic Residency Application Service® (ERAS®) is being improved for applicants, programs, and medical school users. As we move into the 2023-24 application cycle, research findings from the supplemental ERAS application are being used to update the ERAS platforms—including the MyERAS® application.

Compare the current to the revised and reorganized experiences section. The current MyERAS application will be in use until May 31, 2023.

Current MyERAS Application MyERAS Application for the 2024 Cycle
Undefined number of experiences. Up to 10 experiences.
Not available. Enables applicants to self-select their top three most meaningful experiences (of up to 10 experiences).
Collected limited descriptive information about each experience entry (e.g., position, organization, timeframe, location). Collects more descriptive information about each experience entry (e.g., position, organization, timeframe, location) as well as frequency of participation options (e.g., one time, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually).
Not available. Allows applicants to better define the experience type (e.g. volunteer, work, professional organization, hobby). This helps programs to easily identify and review specific experiences that align with their mission(s).
Not available. Offers additional multiple-entry questions to capture mission-focused characteristics of each experience entry: focus area, key characteristic, and setting (e.g., rural, suburban, urban). This helps programs complete holistic review.
Undefined Experiences Description field. Includes short descriptions focused on critical information for programs: roles, responsibilities, and context for all experiences entries.

Compare changes to collection of geographic information:

Current MyERAS Application MyERAS Application 2024 Changes
Hometown captured in a free text, non-standardized format. Uses standardized fields to collect all location information across the application (country, state, city, postal code, and setting) including hometown and addresses for experiences and education.
Not available. Provides applicants with the option to share their geographic preferences with programs. The new questions will capture applicants’ preferences for different regions of the U.S. and their setting preferences.

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