Supplemental ERAS® Application FAQ

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Find answers to your questions about the 2023 supplemental ERAS® application timeline, participating programs, resources, application sections, and more. 

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Completing the Application

Applicants who register their ERAS token to complete the MyERAS application will receive an invitation to complete the supplemental ERAS application beginning on August 1. The supplemental ERAS application invitation and subsequent reminders will be sent to the email address the applicant provides in their profile when registering their ERAS token. 

We recommend checking your junk or spam folder for an email called “Invitation: Supplemental ERAS Application” or anything from the email, Check to ensure Setting as “Not Spam” so you can receive communications from us moving forward. If you still do not receive your invitation within 1-2 business days, please contact us. 

The application does not have to be completed in one sitting. Applicants may save their responses and return at any time before the deadline of Sept. 16 at 5 p.m. ET. Once the supplemental application has been submitted, an applicant cannot make any changes.

Select “Submit Application” on the last page of the supplemental ERAS application. You cannot make changes to your supplemental application after you submit it. If you respond “submit application,” your responses will be final and shared with all participating programs that you selected to receive your MyERAS® application.

When you apply to programs in MyERAS, your supplemental ERAS application data will be shared with participating programs to which you apply. Your supplemental application will be released to programs at the same time as your MyERAS application.

The Past Experiences section is intended to complement other parts of your application. Your meaningful experience essays and other impactful experience essay, if applicable, should not repeat information from your MSPE Noteworthy Characteristics and personal statement. While there may be overlap in the experiences mentioned across the application, consider how to provide additional insight or emphasize how these experiences have shaped who you are, what is important to you, and the specific qualities you will bring to a residency position.

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