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Programs participating in the supplemental ERAS application

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Available now... These residency programs from three specialties may require or encourage their applicants to complete this year’s supplemental ERAS application. Search the program participation lists by specialty and program ID. 

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Below is a list of the residency programs in dermatology, general surgery, and internal medicine participating in the supplemental ERAS application for the 2022 season. This initial list of participating programs will be updated on August 10. 

To view participating programs, please click on the specialty name and the list of programs will appear along with their ACGME ID.  

Please research the program you are interested in by visiting their website or contacting the program to determine if they are requiring or recommending applicants complete the supplemental ERAS application for this season. 

For more information, please refer to the Supplemental ERAS Application Guide, the Frequently Asked Questions for applicants and About the supplemental ERAS application

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ERAS Participating Specialties and Programs
ERAS Participating Specialties and Programs
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