MCAT Test Day and Security

Part of being as confident and prepared as possible to take your MCAT exam is knowing what to expect and what is expected of you while at the testing center.

The MCAT program considers the integrity and security of the exam process to be very important.

If you observe any irregular behavior or exam security violations before, during, or after an examination, please call the MCAT Security tip line at 202-903-0840, or send an e-mail to If you choose to remain anonymous, the AAMC will not disclose your identity unless required by law.

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MCAT Essentials

The MCAT Essentials for Testing Year 2018

Top 10 Tips For MCAT Examinees: Test Day

After many months of studying, practicing, and reviewing, your MCAT exam is just around the corner. To help you have the best possible test day experience, the AAMC developed a list of the top 10 tips to prepare you for test day.

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