Items Allowed During Exam Breaks

During your scheduled breaks, you may access only food, water, and medication. All break policies are outlined in the MCAT Essentials and Testing Center Regulations and Procedures, which you are required to read. Please be especially mindful of the following policies while taking your breaks, or at any time after check-in and prior to completing the exam:

  • Do NOT access your cell phone or any other electronic device. Better yet, leave these devices at home or in your car. Even holding or touching an electronic device is considered a violation of MCAT policies and will be treated as such.
  • Do NOT access any notes or other study materials.
  • Do NOT leave the testing center.
  • If you need to access food, water, or medication, make sure to remove the item from any bag, purse, or backpack you may have brought to the testing center. The bag MUST remain in the provided storage at all times.

MCAT Essentials

The MCAT Essentials for Testing Year 2018

Top 10 Tips For MCAT Examinees: Test Day

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