Valid Identification for MCAT Examinees

You’re ready for the MCAT exam. You’ve studied, reviewed, practiced, and practice some more. You’re ready! But is your ID?

When you arrive on test day, the identification you present must meet certain criteria before you can even be allowed into the testing room. Remember: An acceptable form of identification must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The first and last name(s) on your ID (that you will use on test day) must EXACTLY MATCH the name(s) and name order in your MCAT registration.  Middle names and initials are not required on the MCAT registration, even if they appear on your ID. If you registered using a partial name, nickname, or any derivation of the name that appears on your official ID (including misspellings), you will not be admitted to the testing room.
  • An acceptable ID must meet all of the following conditions:
    • Be in English
    • Be current (document must have an expiration date that has not passed)
    • Have been issued by a government agency
    • Include a photo, which can be used to positively identify you
    • Include your signature, which you will be asked to duplicate on test day
    • Be whole, with no evidence of tampering (e.g., no clipped corners or holes punched)
  • The Test Administrator (TA) cannot accept:
    • Temporary IDs, paper IDs, IDs with extension stickers, or ID application receipts of any quality
    • Virtual IDs
    • Employee IDs
    • School IDs
    • Library cards
    • Any ID that does not fulfill the above requirements, even if issued by government-sponsored institutions.

Keep Calm and Carry the Proper ID!

Learn about what is considered valid identification for your MCAT exam.

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