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Fee Assistance Program FAQs

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ's) regarding the AAMC Fee Assistance Program application process.

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Application Submission

After you submit your application, you will receive an email regarding your application status from the AAMC. If you are ineligible for the Fee Assistance Program based on the information you submitted, your application will be denied at this point.

If you are eligible for the Fee Assistance Program based on the information you entered, your application will be marked with the status "Submitted and On Hold". You will then receive instructions regarding any supporting documentation the AAMC needs to process your application.

Once all required documents are received, your application with go into "Submitted and Pending Verification" status. This status means that you are in line to be verified by the Fee Assistance Program staff. Within 10 business days, your documentation will be reviewed in order to make a decision about your eligibility. It is possible that your application will be placed back in "Submitted and On Hold" status if further documentation is required.

After your application is verified, you will receive an email indicating whether you are approved or denied for the Fee Assistance Program. If approved, you will be able to view your benefits from the main menu of your application. If you indicated that you wish to receive MCAT preparation benefits, you will also receive an email with details on how to utilize these benefits.

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