Financial Assistance for Psychoeducational or Medical Re-evaluations

Financial Assistance for Psychoeducational or Medical Re-evaluations

We are pleased to offer financial assistance of up to $800 to recipients of the AAMC's Fee Assistance Program (FAP) whose most recent evaluation does not meet the currency requirements associated with their request for accommodations.

This financial assistance is not available for first-time psycho-educational or medical evaluations. All applicants will need to submit a comprehensive evaluation that no longer meets our currency requirements in order to be approved for assistance. Additionally, this assistance is not intended to retroactively subsidize recently updated evaluations.

Approval for financial assistance for a re-evaluation does NOT guarantee approval for accommodations on the MCAT exam.

For more information on the amount of this financial assistance, eligibility requirements, and submitting your application for assistance, click on the links below.

MCAT Exam with Accommodations FAQ

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To protect the applicant, the MCAT Office of Accommodated Testing will not accept inquiries from third parties regarding an applicant or his/her accommodation request, unless specifically authorized to do so by the applicant in writing.