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Registering for MyERAS

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To access MyERAS, first contact the ERAS Fellowships Documents Office (EFDO); they will issue you an ERAS token, which is a one-time access code used to register on MyERAS.

Get Your Token

All fellowship applicants may obtain an ERAS 2020 token from the EFDO starting on the following date:

June 6, 2019

Register on MyERAS

After obtaining your token from the EFDO, you will register on the MyERAS website. Use the checklist and Worksheet to determine what type of information you will need to gather to complete your application.

Note: Registration with ERAS does not register you for any established Match. ERAS is a separate entity and does not provide matching services. If you intend to participate in a Match, you must contact that organization for registration, eligibility and participation information (Military, NRMP, San Francisco or Urology).

ERAS Tools and Worksheets for Fellowship Applicants

Access the MyERAS User Guide, Application Worksheet and Applicant Checklist.

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Participating Specialties & Programs
Participating Specialties & Programs
ERAS Tools and Worksheets for Fellowship Applicant

The MyERAS User Guide, ERAS timeline, FAQs and more are available to provide helpful information to fellowship applicants about the MyERAS application and ERAS process.

ERAS Tools and Worksheets for Fellowship Applicants
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Note: ERAS does not enforce any browser restrictions, but ERAS does not support Safari. Mac users needing technical support should use Firefox or Chrome.