Advisor Information System: Application Year Statistics

This AIS report allows authorized pre-health advisors to compare your institution’s application statistics to national application statistics for a given application year.

Non-AMCAS applicants (e.g., TMDSAS) are not included in the results of this query, meaning that these results will not be the same as the data found in AAMC FACTS.

Select an application year from the drop-down selection menu. Select which statistics you'd like to see compared (GPA, MCAT score, or both) and whether you would like the results grouped by gender, race, or both. You may also select additional filters:

Applicant Category
Filter by first time AMCAS applicants or AMCAS re-applicants.

Degree Status
Allows you to search for advisees who have earned degrees from your institution, or by non-degree and post-baccalaureate status. The No Degree status includes all applicants who have taken classes but have not earned any type of degree at your institution. You may further limit your search via the non-degree sub filters (Non-degree with post-bacc coursework or Non-degree without post-bacc coursework), which allows you to identify those students who have only taken a few courses at your school and who you may not wish to include in your statistics.

Primary Undergraduate School
Selecting this option will display results only for processed applicants whose Primary Undergraduate School, as determined by AMCAS, is your institution. See “How is the Primary Undergraduate School (PUG) determined?” for additional information. 


Tables will display aggregate information with comparisons to national averages. Depending on which options were selected, you will see average GPA data, average MCAT data, or both. These tables include only AMCAS applications with an AMCAS status of “Processed.”

Note: “N/A” means that the applicant pool for any given column is not sufficient (must be at least 10) to run averages and protect the confidentiality of the applicants included in the report.

Official Health Professions Advisor System Access Form

Official form for health professions advisors to request access to AMCAS application information and MCAT scores.

Advisor Information System Definitions and Descriptions

This list outlines definitions for abbreviations that appear in the Advisor Information System (AIS).

AIS Admission Action Codes

Definitions of AMCAS Medical School Actions for use with the Advisor Information System

Medical Schools by School Code

The regular M.D. programs at AMCAS participating medical schools listed by code.