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VSLO® Frequently Asked Questions

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Application Service

Yes, in certain states, these applicable taxes will affect VSLO services. Please visit the AAMC Sales Tax FAQs to learn more.

The VSLO program charges a flat fee of $15 per application. Application fees are per elective regardless of requested dates for that elective.

Note: Any unused credits carried over from 2020 will be honored through their one-year expiration date.

Yes, as a Host institution, you can create different requirements for specific electives. If a department requires an additional requirement, you have the ability to create and tailor requirements for certain electives or an institution can also tailor requirements for different student populations.

No. You will only receive completed applications that includes submitted requirements. Applications can only move to the next phase once all requirements have been submitted.

You can provide feedback directly via our VSLO Feedback Form, or contact our Visiting Student Client Service team at 202-478-9878. 

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