Steps in the FindAResident Investigations Process

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1. A complaint is initiated by providing relevant information to FindAResident in writing regarding the alleged unethical behavior.

2. The applicant is informed of the complaint in writing. FindAResident staff investigate the allegation by collecting information pertaining to the complaint from involved parties including, but not limited to, program(s) alleging irregular behavior.

3. A Draft Report is created and distributed to the involved parties supplying information to ensure accuracy. The applicant is given 2 weeks to respond to the findings "for the record".

4. AAMC legal counsel reviews the findings and approves distribution of the Final Report.

5. A final report of findings is distributed to interested parties.

6. Applicant is added to the FindAResident and ERAS® shared database of violators to the Integrity Promotion Program. In ERAS, reports are distributed to each program to which the applicant applies - in the current season, as well as in the future, according to the ERAS Investigations Policy. In FindAResident, the applicant is indicated as a violator and reports are sent to any programs participating in FindAResident for the season, and in future seasons upon request.

Please review the FindAResident Investigations Policy for a more detailed explanation of our policy and procedures.

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A.G. Gazarov, MD, FindAResident residency applicant