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A group of medical students wearing white coats in a laboratory.
AAMC Learner Engagement Group

Do you want to share your experience about becoming a physician? Or talk with peers about your successes? Or learn from others who are also thinking about or on the path to a career in medicine? If so, the AAMC Integrated Learner Services (ILS) team invites you to join our learner engagement group!

AAMC Learner Feedback Panel (LFP)

As a member of the LFP, learners — from premeds through residents — can help the AAMC improve how all learners experience our websites, applications, programs, and resources. With a one-year commitment, you can give the AAMC feedback through surveys, focus groups, and roundtable discussions on a variety of topics. Currently, there are more than 180 registered LFP participants.

It’s easy to join us!

Complete the onboarding form and participation agreement

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The AAMC may collect personal information from you during your participation in this event. Your personal information will be used in accordance with the AAMC Privacy Notice.

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Learner Engagement

The Integrated Learner Services team engages with the learner community through a variety of activities such as feedback panels, focus groups, surveys, and engagement roundtables. These engagements offer learners a chance to share their experiences with us to assist the AAMC to understand their evolving needs, interests, and concerns.

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