Participate in AAMC Feedback Opportunities

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 Thanks for your interest in participating in one of our learner engagement activities and/or groups. Your input is invaluable!

Please complete the form below and share some information about yourself. This information will help us learn more about our learner engagement participants and/or members of our Learner Feedback Panel (LFP) and Learner Feedback Bench (LFB).

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We are currently seeking participants for two of our engagement groups, the Learner Feedback Panel (LFP) or Learner Feedback Bench (LFB).

For the Learner Feedback Panel (LFP), you agree to contribute an average of 1-2 hours of your time each month for input and feedback engagements. The LFP requires participation in at least one (1) feedback activity per quarter (Total: 4/calendar year).

The Learner Feedback Bench (LFB) has the same benefits as the LFP, however only requires participation in one (1) feedback activity per calendar year.  

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