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The Parts of Your Medical School Application

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There are many different components that go into a complete medical school application. Learn what these pieces are, why medical schools ask for them, and what each part says about your qualifications as an applicant.

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Coursework & Official Transcript(s)

Coursework is section four of your AMCAS application where you will enter each college course you have taken and the grade you recieved. You will also send all of your official college transcripts to AMCAS, which are the academic records from each college or university you attended that include the courses you took and the grades or credit you received.

Coursework entries and official college transcripts are parts of the story about how you prepared yourself for medical school academically, such as:

  • Did you take upper level science courses?
  • What were your grade trends and coursework patterns?
  • Do you have experience with writing-intensive courses?
  • Did you challenge yourself with higher-level coursework in and outside your major?
  • Did you formally study another language or take coursework in another language?
  • Did you get a broad liberal arts background?
  • Did you take community college courses or coursework at another institution(s)?
  • Did you take postbacc or graduate level courses?
  • Did you have or overcome academic challenges?
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