MCAT® Registration 101

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Registration for July-September MCAT® exam dates will open this month. Read these tips to make your registration process go as smoothly as possible.

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Registration for the July - September 2023 test dates will open on February 22. If you plan on scheduling your exam on opening day, read these tips to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Determine the Right Time for You to Take the MCAT 

One of our most frequently asked questions is “When should I take my MCAT exam?” The best advice we can give you is to take the exam when you feel well prepared. Before making a decision, ask yourself these three questions: 1) When do I want to attend medical school? 2) Will I need to take my exam more than once? and 3) Have I mastered the content tested on the exam? Read more tips to help you determine the right time to take the exam now! 

Fill out your background information in the MCAT® Registration System

You can fill out the first five tabs and review the terms and conditions in the MCAT Registration System. Doing this in advance will save you time and take you right to scheduling when you log into the system on opening day. Watch this video for a quick overview.

Look into the AAMC Fee Assistance Program

Benefits of the Fee Assistance Program include free MCAT prep materials, a reduced MCAT registration fee, and much more. But benefits are not retroactive, so if you apply after you register for the MCAT exam, you cannot get the discounted rate. Be sure to apply with plenty of time (at least 10 business days) beforehand to get the most out of the program.

Have your MCAT-accepted ID with you when you register

Taking this step proactively will help ensure your registration matches your ID exactly. Also, make sure your ID meets the test day requirements.

Familiarize yourself with the waiting room

There will be thousands of examinees registering at the same time as you in the first few hours of opening day, so expect a little bit of a wait. You will be automatically directed to the waiting room when you log in, and you’ll be able to see how many examinees are ahead of you in line. You can also sign up to be notified when it’s your turn to register. Watch a video to learn more about the waiting room.

Remember: It’s OK if you’re not ready to schedule your exam on opening day. The registration system is available after Feb. 22 for scheduling. For more tips to help you get ready for registration visit our website or join the registration webinar on Feb. 7.

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