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Get answers to your questions about MCAT registration, scores, and more.

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Test Preparation

  1. Visit  
  2. Click on the “MCAT Official Prep Hub” on the right side of the page.
  3. Sign in using your AAMC username and password.
  4. Watch a brief video on how to access your products.

Whether you plan on going to medical school directly after completing your undergraduate degree, are taking a gap year, or are a nontraditional student, developing a plan for how you will prepare for the MCAT exam is important. Your preparation should not only be tailored to your strengths and weaknesses but also include a plan for managing your time. Carefully thinking about the hours you have to dedicate to getting ready and staying on track is important to balancing all of your obligations. To help you prepare, the AAMC has developed the guide to “How to Create a Study Plan for the MCAT Exam,” which offers tips, worksheets, and strategies for organizing your preparation from start to finish. The guide also offers suggestion for how to use AAMC free and low-cost resources at each step.

Be sure to also visit the AAMC website for brief articles on how  students of varied backgrounds prepared for the exam, resources they used, and how they scored.

Finally, consult with your pre-health advisor about preparing and applying to medical school. If you do not have a pre-health advisor, the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP) has volunteer members who can help answer your questions. Go to and under Student Resources, you will find more information about their “Find an Advisor” service.

What’s on the MCAT Exam? provides an overview of concepts and skills tested on each of the four sections of the MCAT exam. You can view videos describing the ten foundational concepts and skills tested and sample questions with explanations of the correct answers. You can view online or download and print.

The AAMC offers a number of low-cost and free resources, including a guide to developing a study plan. Planning how you will prepare and manage your time is important to staying on track to being ready to take the exam. The guide to “How to Create a Study Plan for the MCAT Exam” includes suggestions for how to use all of the AAMC MCAT Official Prep resources.
These resources include products to help you study and practice. The AAMC offers MCAT Official Prep practice exams and question sets, flashcards, and The Official Guide to the MCAT® Exam. We also developed a variety of free, high-quality resources to support your preparation. These resources have been designed to help you understand what content is tested on the exam, review and study the content tested across all four sections, and prepare for the test day. Spend a couple of minutes learning about how you can use these free resources to prepare for your test. Watch the tutorial.

Visit the AAMC MCAT Official Prep Hub to access both the low-cost products and free resources. To access the Hub, visit Then follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the AAMC MCAT Official Prep Hub button.
  2. Go to the “Free Resources” section to select a free resource. 

You will need to sign-in with your AAMC account credentials.

There are multiple ways to prepare for the MCAT exam. Some examinees prepare for the exam through self-study and do not enroll in a test prep course. Others prefer to study in a more structured setting and enroll in commercial MCAT prep courses or choose to take a preparation course offered at their academic institution. Regardless of the study path you choose, the AAMC provides free and low-cost MCAT Official Prep resources including a free a guide on How to Create a Study Plan for the MCAT Exam.

The questions in the online version of The Official Guide to the MCAT® Exam are the same questions as the print version of this guide, and the questions in the MCAT Official Prep Online Flashcards are the same questions as the printed Official MCAT Flashcards.

The questions from the Sample Test, Practice Exams, Section Bank, Question Packs, and Flashcards are unique, and there is no overlap among these products.

The MCAT Official Prep products available for purchase from the AAMC Store reflect the most recent changes made to the MCAT Exam format in 2015 and their contents have not been changed since their publication. You will be able to easily identify when new MCAT Official Prep products are introduced because of the new title or edition.

All full-length products (Practice Exams and the FREE Sample Test) have the same look and functionality of the real MCAT exam.
The AAMC also offers a “Practice with Exam Features” tutorial that allows you to simulate the functions and features of the actual MCAT exam. You can find this tool and the free Sample Test in the AAMC MCAT Official Prep Hub. To access the Hub, visit Then follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the AAMC MCAT Official Prep Hub button.

  2. Go to the “Free Resources” section to select Practice with Exam features tool or MCAT Official Prep Sample Test.

You will need to sign-in with your AAMC account credentials.

Email any technical issue questions to or call 202-828-0600.

The AAMC offers several discounts for MCAT Official Prep products.

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