MCAT® Exam with Accommodations FAQ

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about applying for accommodated MCAT® testing.

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Information for Evaluators

The AAMC requires that evaluations be performed by a qualified professional in the area of the disability or impairment in question. In the case of learning disabilities, ADHD and psychiatric disorders, an individual is deemed qualified if he/she has had extensive graduate level training in the area of assessment in question (e.g., LD, ADHD, psychiatric/psychological disorders, etc.).This includes training and experience not only in the administration of psychological and psychoeducational tests but also the interpretation of those tests and the identification of the disability and impairment in question. Very often this person will be a doctoral level psychologist or neuropsychologist although a doctoral degree is not necessarily required to be considered a qualified professional. If the individual completing the evaluation is not an independent, licensed clinician/professional (e.g., graduate student clinician), a copy of the supervising clinician’s/professional’s vita should be submitted for review with the evaluation.

The AAMC does not require specific tests to document learning disabilities, ADHD, and/or psychiatric disorders.  However, we do require the assessment of specific aspects of functioning (e.g., cognitive ability, academic achievement, emotional functioning) as part of the required comprehensive evaluation and the use of adults age norms whenever possible. The choice of which tests are used to assess the various areas of functioning is left to the discretion and clinical judgment of each evaluator. Please see our Application Guidelines and Requirements for additional information regarding the documentation requirements for each type of disability/impairment.

If you have a question about our evaluation requirements, the process for documenting an impairment, or the determination for a specific examinee, please write to Please note that an Authorization to Release Health Information is needed on file for us to speak to you about the specifics of a particular case. This form can be found under Service Requests once you have signed into the MCAT Accommodations Online System. The form is not needed for general questions about the MCAT Accommodations program or the application process.

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