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We invite you to join us as we engage with learners to better understand your needs, values, and pressing questions along your medical education journey.

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Integrated Learner Services

Thank you for your interest in how we engage with learners. Our services, tools, and resources support you on your medical education journey however we can only do that successfully by collaborating with you. Sharing your experiences, guidance, and input with our Integrated Learner Services (ILS) team will give you opportunities to frequently communicate your valuable insight with the AAMC and directly impact the resources used by you and your peers. Participating in one of our engagement groups will also offer you ways to connect and network with peers on the medical education continuum through a virtual community and opportunities to lead and impact change on the medical education journey process.

Our Learner Feedback Panel (LFP) is an opportunity with a one-year commitment to provide feedback on a minimum of four (4) engagements yearly. Membership in the LFP also offers access to the Learner Engagement virtual community. LFP members regularly provide input through surveys, focus groups, and feedback panels on AAMC resources, services, and tools. Learner Feedback Bench (LFB) members are learners who cannot commit to the LFP but still wish to engage and provide feedback on AAMC resources, services and tools.

To join one of our engagement groups, complete the onboarding form and participation agreement here: Sign Up Now

To learn more about our efforts to amplify your voice and experiences, contact us here.

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The AAMC may collect personal information from you during your participation in this event. Your personal information will be used in accordance with the AAMC Privacy Notice.

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Learner Engagement

The Integrated Learner Services team engages with the learner community through a variety of channels such as feedback panels, focus groups, surveys, and virtual communities. These engagements offer learners a chance to share their experiences with us to assist the AAMC to understand their evolving needs, interests, and concerns.

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