Fair testing for all MCAT examinees is a priority for the AAMC. The MCAT exam is administered under strict supervision and security measures; therefore it is in the interest of all examinees to report the questionable behavior of others.

What Should I Report?

Before, during, or after test day, please report to the AAMC any questionable behavior you observe, believe to have occurred or may occur, including but not limited to examinees:

  • Receiving assistance or copying from another test-taker.
  • Taking a test for someone else.
  • Having access to secure test questions before or after the exam.
  • Presenting false, altered, or tampered identification to attempt to gain admission to the test center.
  • Attempting to record or otherwise capture test questions during the exam.
  • Using notes or unauthorized aids.

Engaging in any of the above-listed actions could provide an unfair advantage to an unethical and potentially unqualified examinee not only on the test, but also as a medical school applicant.


Reports of Examinee Agreement violations, cheating, disclosure of confidential MCAT content, wrongdoing or other alleged actions that undermine the integrity of the MCAT exam will be treated in a confidential manner.