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Truthfulness Statement

Each applicant upon registration is given access to information on FindAResident policies. Once registered they are given the opportunity to self-report all the information contained within their FindAResident resume. However, before an applicant can activate their information so that it may be reviewed by programs, they must first agree to a truthfulness statement about the information contained within their FindAResident resume. The truthfulness statement says:

 "I certify that the information contained within my FindAResident resume is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false or missing information may disqualify me from consideration for a residency position, or if employed, may constitute cause for termination from the residency program without notice. Such misrepresentations, once proven, will also result in investigation by FindAResident."

An applicant must agree to this statement every time they activate their resume information for viewing. Any omissions or misrepresentations within the resume while active are therefore considered a violation of FindAResident's Integrity Promotion Program as outlined in the FindAResident Investigations Policy.

Irregular Behavior Information

Types of irregularities and activities targeted for investigation include, but are not limited to:

  • Omission of education extension
  • Omission of previous residency training
  • Fraudulent publication citations
  • Plagiarism of personal statements
  • False exam score reporting

To assist programs in identifying fraudulent activity we will continually update information on resources commonly used in cited unethical behaviors. An increasingly common issue with applications is personal statement plagiarism. Here are a few of the Web sites that applicants have used to obtain text for personal statements:

If you are aware of any activity by an applicant that is considered irregular behavior, please contact FindAResident immediately in writing, so we may investigate the situation. Please send correspondence to

Visit the FindAResident Investigations for information on the FindAResident investigations process and policy.

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