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November 30, 2022

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Do you know how much you owe in federal student loans?  Do you know who your loan servicer is and where to send your loan payments?  Do you know the status of your loan(s)? Do you know when your first payment is due?  Where can you find the answers to all of these questions? Login to your Federal Student Aid account.

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The Federal Student Aid Website

This is the Department of Education’s website designed to provide information to federal student loan borrowers. This web-based resource provides you with access to the details of your federal student loans as well as information about understanding financial aid, applying for aid, and managing loan repayment. 

Getting Started

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your FSA ID username and password
  3. Accept the terms
  4. View the details of your loans
What Will You See?

Within your Federal Student Aid account, you will see your loan balance, the types of outstanding loans you have, who your servicer is, when payments are due, and other details about your loans. We also recommend setting up an account on your servicer’s website. From your servicer’s website you will be able to see your specific account information. 

Since federal loan borrowers may have more than one servicer, it’s important to identify the servicer of your loans. Knowing if you will be working with one or more servicers is helpful when it’s time for loan repayment.

Details You Should Know

There is a lot of information about your federal student loans within your Federal Student Aid account. Be sure to access this information prior to graduation so that you can be prepared to successfully manage your loans. Below are six pieces of information that will be critical to know as you prepare to manage your debt: 

  • Loan Types (name)
  • Loan Servicer(s)
  • Disbursement Dates
  • Loan Balances
  • Loan Statuses
  • Repayment Due Dates

Knowing this information will help you:

  • find your total loan balance and amount of outstanding interest
  • know where to send your payment (or set up autopay) and who to call for assistance if you have questions about your loans
What Won’t You See in the Federal Student Aid (FSA) Account?
  • Details on private or institutional loans will not be found in your FSA account. To find the details of these loans you’ll want to review your credit report, or reach out to the lender of the loan, or the financial aid staff at your school. 
  • Loans for Disadvantages Students (LDS) and Primary Care Loans (PCL) are the only federal loans that will not be visible in your FSA account. For information and details about these loans, contact the financial aid office staff at your school.
  • Real-Time Account Balances may not always be reflected in your FSA account. To obtain this information, contact your loan servicer(s).       

What Does That Mean? 
Many times, borrowers get confused about financial aid because they don’t understand all the terms and acronyms. Use the Federal Student Aid Glossary whenever you don’t understand a financial aid term. 

If you need assistance with your federal student aid, contact the Federal Student Aid Information Center.

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