AAMC Fee Assistance Program Updates

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In 2022, we made changes to the AAMC Fee Assistance Program to help more aspiring physicians with the many costs associated with applying to medical school. We expanded our eligibility criteria to make the AAMC Fee Assistance Program available to more future physicians.

Effective calendar year 2022, the AAMC has modified two of its eligibility requirements for the Fee Assistance Program:

•    Removed the U.S. citizenship and certain visa status eligibility requirements, and will instead require a U.S. address.

•    Removed the requirement for parental financial information for applicants age 26 and over on the day the application is submitted.

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Policy Change

The AAMC chose to use the Health and Human Services guidelines under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to determine what status would make an applicant dependent. We resourced and reviewed age requirement cutoffs in federally funded programs (FAFSA, taxes, ACA) and determined that 26 was a median cutoff.

If an applicant is 26 at the time of application submission, they will not be required to provide parental financial information to be considered for the Fee Assistance Program.

No, you cannot reapply to the same Fee Assistance Program application cycle if you are denied program benefits. 

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