Frequently Asked Questions for ERAS® Fellowship Applicants

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Frequently Asked Questions are updated throughout the 2025 ERAS® season (June 5, 2024-May 31, 2025).

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Getting Started

The ERAS 2025 season opened on June 5, 2024.

A list of participating specialties and programs can be found on the ERAS website
On rare occasions, a program will sign up initially to participate in the ERAS program and later withdraw their participation. Sometimes, the program does not communicate the withdrawal to ERAS staff; therefore, it is imperative that applicants contact ALL programs to ensure that they are participating in the ERAS program before submitting their application materials to them. 
Unfortunately, the ERAS program does not offer refunds for any reason including applications sent to nonparticipating programs. That’s because once an application has been sent to a program, the service has been rendered. 

Not all specialties or programs participate. If a program is not participating, then you should contact that program to determine how to apply. Specialties and programs that are interested in joining the ERAS system should visit the ERAS for Programs: Getting Started page.

To access the MyERAS system, first contact your Designated Dean’s Office (EFDO); they will issue you an ERAS token, which is a one-time access code used to register for your MyERAS portal account.

Please try clearing your browser cache or open the ERAS application in a new browser. Here are instructions to clear your cache in Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. While most AAMC services support certain browsers, we recommend Mac users use Firefox or Chrome.

We recommend users do not have multiple tabs open in their browser when accessing ERAS applications.  

The ERAS Fellowship Documents Office (EFDO) is the Designated Dean’s Office for all fellowship applicants. 

The EFDO is an online service exclusively for medical residents and fellows to support the centralized processing of fellowship application materials submitted via the ERAS system. More information can be found on the EFDO website.  

The EFDO began distributing tokens on June 6, 2024.

  • You must obtain an ERAS token from the ERAS Fellowship Documents Office (EFDO). If you use an ERAS token from another school or organization, your documents cannot be accurately uploaded. 

  • Make sure that you are using an ERAS token for the current MyERAS season. The system will not allow you to use an ERAS token from a prior season to register. 

  • An ERAS token can only be used once to register. Be sure to enter all information accurately. 

  • You need an AAMC Account to register your ERAS token. If you do not have an AAMC Account from the prior MyERAS season or use of another AAMC service, you will need to register for one. 

No, registering with ERAS does not register you for the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®or any other matching service. You must register separately through the matching service you choose to use.

Fee information can be found on the Fees for ERAS Fellowship Applications page on the ERAS website.

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover are accepted methods of payment.

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