Pre-Med Club Lesson Plans

This program is intended to inspire students in under-resourced communities to pursue a career in medicine.The lesson plans are available to any educators, parents, and volunteers.

Group of students talking in classroom

Lesson Plan One: Welcome

Students will learn about the pre-med club and its format, name their club, learn about the , create their own oath, create their name badges, and if time permits, create posters to promote the club...

Lesson Plan Two: Specialties

Students will learn what a specialty is, receive some examples of the common medical specialties, and test their knowledge with a “guess the drawing” competition.

Lesson Plan Three: Where Doctors Work

Students will learn about and discuss several locations and environments where doctors work. Then, they will imagine their own possible career path and discuss where they think they might like to...
Smiling medical professionals with mother and daughter

Lesson Plan Four: Good Doctors and Good Patients

Students will discuss the qualities of their favorite doctors and identify what traits are shared by “good doctors.” They will also discuss what makes a “good patient.” Students will learn what it...
Doctor with patient

Lesson Plan Five: Medical Talk

Students will discuss medical language, learn common medical terms and apply the terms in their own skits that they will perform. Additional activities include sharing an article and assigning...
two doctors reviewing x-ray

Lesson Plan Six: Doctors as Detectives

Often times, physicians are like detectives, following clues and putting together observations and notes to figure out what is wrong and how it can be fixed. Students will discuss various diagnostic...
Medical students walking through corridor

Lesson Plan Seven: Medical Student Visit

Students will meet medical students from an area medical school. The med students will share their background, some of their experiences and what it was like for them to prepare for and apply to...
Medical student shares Match Day results with family

Lesson Plan Eight: Match Day

Match Day is one of the most important milestones a medical student’s career. In mid-March of each year, med students learn where they have “matched” and will complete their residency training.
Engage with Your Peers

Engage with Your Peers