Lesson Plan Seven: Medical Student Visit

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Students will meet medical students from an area medical school. The med students will share their background, some of their experiences and what it was like for them to prepare for and apply to medical school. They will also speak about what it is like for them now that they are medical students. Students will have the opportunity to ask some questions. Activities may vary depending upon the planned activities by medical school and medical students.

Important Note to Facilitators: Aspiring Docs staff can help to facilitate this visit with one of our member medical schools in your area. Please work with us to help us identify optimal dates and times for this visit, and provide any paperwork that must be completed by the medical students prior to their visit. Because some medical schools already have community outreach programs, the actual visit may vary substantially from lesson plan below. Prior to the visit, we will ask the medical school to provide information on their plan for the school visit.

If you are unable to coordinate with Aspiring Docs staff, try reaching out to physicians or health care professionals in your community to participate in this lesson.


  • Students will meet, ask questions of and interact with real medical students who come from similar backgrounds (if possible)
  • Students will be able to ask questions and have conversations with medical students
  • Students will participate in activities led by medical students
  • Students will learn more about preparing for, applying to and attending medical school from the point of view of current students

Possible Activities

Part One: The medical students introduce themselves, giving a short bio, including:

  • Hometown
  • High school (if it’s local)
  • College/university
  • Medical School and expected graduation date
  • Hobbies, sports, interests outside medicine
  • When and why they decided to become a doctor
  • Any obstacles, doubts, or setbacks overcome, and what resources were there to help
  • Any advice for students

Part Two: Students ask the medical student questions. Examples:

  • Did you have a mentor that encouraged you? How did you find a mentor?
  • How do you stay motivated?
  • What is the best thing about medical school?
  • What is hard about medical school?
  • How is medical school different from college?

Tip: Help students to prepare questions for the medical students during the prior club meeting or schedule the arrival of the medical students so that you have time to draft questions before the medical students arrive for the activity.

Wrap Up

Thank the medical student for coming. If possible, the medical student will hand out materials from the medical school. Ask students to speak about what they learned or what surprised them in today’s club meeting.

Additional Activities

  • Students share article with the group
    Have the students assigned to bring in articles share the story with the group. Have the student tell why they chose the article. Ask the group for their thoughts about the topic.
  • Journal writing
    Have students write down any questions they forgot to ask today, or what questions they would ask a practicing doctor if they had the opportunity. If possible, next time you go to the doctor, ask your doctor the questions you wrote down.
  • Write your own inspiring story
    Have students write an inspiring story featuring one of the medical students they met or even about themselves.
  • Article to share with group next time
    Assign one or two students to find an interesting article having to do with medicine or being a physician. Have the students share what they’ve read and facilitate a short discussion with the group about the article or topic.

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