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Aspiring Docs provides resources and inspiration to help you get started on your path to medicine. Learn how to get medically related experience, prepare for the application process, and get inspired by personal stories from medical students, residents, and physicians.

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Learn about the basics of getting started on a path to medicine, how to get medically related experience, the application process, and what it's like to be a medical student.

Inspiring Stories

There's a story behind every application. Read about some of the inspiring journeys others have made from applicant to medical student to physician. If you are a medical student or resident...

Ask a Med Student Video Series

Medical students answer questions about their path to medical school, what med school courses are like, patient experiences, and more.

Ask the Experts

Hear from experts in various fields on topics such as exploring medical careers, preparing for medical school interviews, and finding a mentor.
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Getting Into Medical School: AAMC Resources for Premed Students

The AAMC offers trusted resources and services to help you navigate the journey from premed to residency and beyond.

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