Tips for Surviving Medical School

Seven things you can do to make the most of medical school.

Nine Tips for Managing Your Money During Medical School

Get tips for money management and wise student loan borrowing during medical school.

FIRST Financial Aid Fact Sheets

Read these short articles about common financial aid topics important to pre-med students, current students, and residents.

Licensing Exams

An overview of board exams, when to take them, and why they matter.

Summer Makeup Course Directory

The Summer Makeup Course Directory lists opportunities for summer course work at U.S. medical schools accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME).

Taking a Break from Your Medical Education

Some medical students need to interrupt their medical education to accommodate educational goals or special circumstances. Knowing how to handle a leave of absence is important, so carefully consider the ramifications of how a break in your education may delay graduation or other milestones...

Transfer Policies of U.S. Medical Schools

Transfer information is now included as part of the subscription to the Medical School Admission Requirements® (MSAR®). There is a listing of accredited U.S. medical schools that accept transfer students along with contact information.

Ask the Experts: Finding and Working With a Mentor

"A mentor is a cheerleader; a mentor is a facilitator; a mentor is a motivator, and sometimes even a nudge. But, first and foremost, a mentor has your best interests at heart," says one expert.

Guidelines for Use of Medical Interpreter Services

Medical students can use this resource when interacting with patients with limited English proficiency. It provides basic guidelines for needs assessment and tips for working with a medical interpreter.