2024 MyERAS® Application FAQs

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Find answers to your questions about the 2024 MyERAS® application timeline, participating programs, resources, application sections, and more.  

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The AAMC has not made substantial changes to the ERAS® application in over 20 years. The changes are a result of evidence-based research and are designed to help applicants share more details about themselves, their experiences, and their preferences with residency and fellowship programs. AAMC experts in assessment, psychometrics, and selection processes developed the application content in consultation with the medical education community, including but not limited to program staff, student affairs representatives, and current residents.  

Specifically, residency and fellowship applicants will see revised and reorganized experiences sections and updated geographic information. Residency applicants applying to select specialties will also be able to provide indication of their genuine interest in an individual residency program via a program signal to participating programs. For detailed changes please review information on “The MyERAS Application and Program Signaling for 2023-24”  webpage.

There will no longer be a supplemental ERAS application provided by the AAMC for the 2023-24 cycle. For two ERAS application cycles, the AAMC enhanced, researched, and refined new MyERAS content via a supplemental ERAS application. Moving forward, applicants and advisors can expect the content of the MyERAS application to reflect these findings. 

Consistent with best practices, all content was reviewed by a diverse group of external subject matter experts, including program directors and coordinators, current residents, and student affairs representatives to ensure that it is relevant, accessible, and fair for all applicants. Evaluation of year 1 and year 2 of the supplemental ERAS application also examined fairness through analysis of applicant responses. See the “Supplemental ERAS Application Data and Reports for analysis.

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