Physician Scientist Training Program

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Physician-Scientist Training Programs (PSTP) provides training to physicians who have a MD or combined MD/PhD degree with strong commitment to becoming physician-scientists.

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Physician-scientists are physicians who devote regular components of their professional effort seeking new knowledge about health, disease, or delivery of patient care through research. Physician Scientist Training Programs (PSTP) are post-graduate training programs that aim to recruit highly qualified candidates who are committed in pursuing a career as an academic physician scientist. These programs may integrate residency training, clinical fellowships, and basic and clinical postdoctoral training to facilitate the transition period between MD/PhD, DO, and MD degrees and first faculty position.

As you explore the PSTP option, this site enables you to ask good questions and make informed decisions. You should also contact each PSTP program to get answers to specific questions.




Informational Series: Training Opportunities for Physician Scientists (TOPS)

The AAMC subcommittee on Training Opportunities for Physician Scientists (TOPS) announces a virtual discussion series for students interested in applying to research residencies. These 90min sessions are exclusively for students to get more information about: research residencies generally, individual specialties, individual programs, and the application process, and to directly ask their questions to PSTP directors, trainees and fellows who are in, or have recently completed research residencies.

Physician Scientists in Biotech – Q&A Panel
March 10, 8pm-9:30pm EST
Register HERE

Go to Archive to watch call recordings. Contact with questions.


Program Events

Do you have an upcoming virtual event for PSTP or RiR applicants or future physician-scientists that you want to promote nationally?  Send the title, date and time, of your event, and a link to the online information and we’ll post it here. 

Podcast: Behind the Microscope - Physician-Scientists in Biotech - AAMC Webinar Preview with Dr. Christopher Pittenger, MD-PhD

Podcast: Behind the Microscope - Preparing early: What to think about in your 1st and 2nd Med School Year with Dr. Michael Donnenberg, M

Podcast: Behind the Microscope

PSTP and RiR Directors and Administrators List

Join the list of PSTP and RiR Directors and Administrators

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MD-PhD Dual Degree Training

Information on how to become a research physician, also known as a physician-investigator or a physician-scientist.

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