Watch: AAMC 4th Annual Virtual Medical School Fair

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On Feb. 21, the AAMC hosted its fourth annual Virtual Medical School Fair. The fair included four presentations that were recorded and are now available. Watch now!

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On Feb. 21, the AAMC hosted its fourth annual Virtual Fair where more than 9,000 students engaged with over 70 medical schools from across the United States and Canada, the Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP), prehealth advisors from the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP), and the AAMC. The fair also included four presentations that discussed competencies for entering medical students, financial aid, preparing for the MCAT® exam, and the importance of professionalism in the medical school application process. These sessions included perspectives from admissions officers, prehealth advisors, and current medical students.

The four workshops were recorded and are now available on demand! Below you will find the descriptions for each of the sessions and the links to watch:

Med Students Talk Core Competencies
In this panel session, three medical students featured in the Anatomy of an Applicant resource shared details about their paths to medicine, how they demonstrated the Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students through different parts of their applications, and how those competencies continue to be relevant during their medical education.

Learning How to Pay for Medical School
Attendees of this session learned what prospective medical students need to know about the financial aid application process, the types of financial aid that can help finance a medical education, and helpful financial tools and tips that all premed students should know about when planning for a medical education.

Preparing for the MCAT® Exam? What You Need to Know
Wondering how to begin preparing for the MCAT exam? Questions about finding the time to study, what to study, and how to build support systems? A first-year MD-PhD student and two prehealth advisors shared their tips and advice to help you think about this and more.

Ask the Experts: Medical School Admissions Officers Discuss What’s Important to Know in Applying and Interviewing (Discussion and Q&A)
Tips, tricks, and expectations during the application cycle. Three admissions deans shared insider information and best practices for applying to medical school.

We hope you were able to attend, get your questions answered, and learn about preparing for and applying to medical school. If you were unable to attend the fair, don’t worry! While the medical schools won’t be available to chat now that the fair has ended, the virtual exhibit hall is still open throughout March 2019 for you to visit each booth and explore the various programs. You can also download any materials you would like. To enter the exhibit hall, simply register or log in for free!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the AAMC at any time. Contact us at 202-828-0600 or via our social media platforms (AAMCPremed).

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