Mike's Path to Medical School

“I didn’t think that I could become a physician. I didn’t know any Native Hawaiian doctors and I thought that people from my background didn’t do well in higher education.”

Deirdre’s Path to Medical School

“I wasn't a slam dunk perfect applicant who was published with a triple major. That person doesn't actually exist, but sometimes it seems like they do. I am a regular person who made choices and took risks. Sometimes I did well, sometimes I didn't.”

Courtney’s Path to Medical School

“I was nervous that admissions would tell me I'd never be a doctor, but that's not what happened at all. I was really happy I went to talk with them.”

Daryl’s Path to Medical School

“Medical training, and medical practice, is extremely humbling. You might do everything right and still not get your desired outcome. Always remember the importance of preparation and perseverance. Preparation will get you ready for the challenges, perseverance will keep you going when...

Patrick’s Path to Medical School

"It can feel as if only those with seemingly perfect applications get accepted and matriculate into medical school – however, once you begin medical school you will meet many inviduals with diverse experiences and will realize that your own non-traditional pathway to medicine may be more...

Rose’s Path to Medical School

“Not being perfect is okay. Focus on the strengths you have and take time to appreciate the steps that you take to continue improving yourself.”

Laura's Path to Medical School

"If you believe you can do it and you are worth it, don't doubt yourself, because if you doubt yourself it will come through. Stay true to who you are. It's OK if you're not an applicant with straight A's or a perfect MCAT score. That's what makes us human."