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More Tips for Attending Premed Conferences

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Attending a premed conference or recruitment fair is a good way to learn about multiple schools, programs, and admissions requirements all in one place.

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Attending a premed event can be a great way to meet with admissions representatives from various medical schools and learn more about the application process. Although attending a premed event or conference can feel overwhelming, use the following tips to help you gain the most from this experience.  


  1. Research schools in advance – Do a little research on each medical school you’re interested in. This way, when speaking with their faculty, you can show that you’re interested and ask more substantive questions rather than what is readily available on their web site. In the MSAR you can find each school’s mission and policies and use that information to write follow-up questions for the medical schools. 
  2. Bring materials – Bring a copy of your resume, a professional business card, or something to take notes on. Also, if you connect with someone and exchange contact information, make a note of what you talked about with that individual, so you can reference the conversation when you follow-up. 
  3. Prepare questions beforehand – To maximize your time, prepare questions in advance. Not sure of what to ask medical school faculty members? Explore these 35 questions compiled by medical students.

Benefits to Attending a Premed Event: 

  1. Network with and ask advice from admissions faculty -- If you are in the process of applying, this is a good opportunity to highlight your interest in the school and share how your personal goals and mission align with their program. You can ask for more information about their school's admissions and interview process, as well.
  2. Maximize travel funds – According to the American Medical College Application Service® (AMCAS®), the average premed applicant applies to 17 medical schools. Visiting every school you are interested in may not be realistic, but a premed conference is a great way to speak with representatives from multiple schools all in one place. You may connect with additional schools that you hadn’t yet considered in your search.  
  3. Learn from workshops and panel discussions –  In addition to admissions representatives, many premed events have workshops that focus on the application process, medical school finances, or career exploration seminars for those still in the beginning stages of considering a career in medicine. 
  4. Network with other students – Applying to medical school is a large undertaking, but you don’t have to do it alone! It can be helpful to connect with other applicants who are going through the same process. 
  5. Connect with associations & health organizations – While interacting with representatives from medical schools is a major draw of any premed event, you also should connect with folks from associations and supporting organizations as they may also have resources to share. Examples include the Student National Medical Association, National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions, and the American College of Cardiology. 

Learn more about what you can do to make the most of a premed event.

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