MCAT Appointment Notification Request: What to Expect

If your preferred MCAT test date or location is listed as "None Available" in the MCAT Registration System, sign up to be notified by email should that test date and location become available.
The following page includes information about how to add your name to be notified by email when an appointment becomes available and what to expect.

Asking to be notified

If your MCAT exam appointment search indicates “None Available” for your preferred date and test center location, you can ask to be notified by email from Pearson VUE if an appointment becomes available at that test center location on that MCAT test date by clicking “Notify me”.

You may only have up to 5 active notification requests at any given time.

Once a notification has been requested:

  • An email will be sent to the address in your MCAT registration profile if an appointment for your exam becomes available for that date and test center location up to 15 days before that test date.
  • Notifications may be sent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What to do if you receive notification

If you are notified by email that your preferred appointment is available, you will have a limited amount of time to take action. Please note that a notification email does not automatically guarantee that seat as it is possible that other candidates have also been notified of the appointment’s availability. Available appointments are scheduled on a first come, first notified basis.

  • If another notified candidate schedules into the appointment you were notified for, you will remain on the list to be notified if and when another appointment becomes available.
  • If an appointment becomes available, candidates on the notification list will be alerted once via email. If no candidates on the notification list schedule into the available appointment, the appointment for this date and test center will be released to the public. If you are still interested in an appointment for this date and test center after it has been released, you may search for the appointment again. If at the time of your search, an appointment is not available, you may request to be added to the notification list again.

To schedule an appointment after receiving notification of its availability:

  1. From the “My Appointment Requests” page, select the “Schedule” option under “Requests available for scheduling.”
  2. Complete the scheduling and payment process.

You may also delete requests should you no longer be interested in the appointment.

If the appointment is no longer available for scheduling when you arrive on the “My Appointment Requests” page, that request will appear under “Other requests.”

Note: Requesting notification of available appointments and responding to those notifications is a web-based, self-service feature. If you have an existing appointment and were approved for a testing accommodation(s), you will no longer receive notifications for any pending requests. Contact customer service with any questions about your appointment or reschedule options.

Standard schedule/reschedule policies and fees apply.

Viewing notification requests

From the “My Appointment” page, click “My Appointment Requests” under “My Account” to display the “My Appointment Requests” page.

If an email notification is sent, an option to schedule into the new appointment (or reschedule an existing appointment) will be visible under "Requests available for scheduling".

If an appointment is not currently available that fulfills your notification request, that request will appear under “Other requests,” along with additional information on the current status of the request.

To remove an active notification request that is no longer desired, click the “Delete request” option. You may need to use this option if you have exceeded the maximum number of active notification requests, and wish to request an additional notification.

Helpful Tips

If an test date and location is showing as “Not Available” at the time you schedule your MCAT exam, you can now request to receive an email notification should an appointment become available for that particular date and location.