The AAMC Application and Acceptance Protocols for Applicants

The AAMC recommendations to help ensure that all MD and MD-PhD applicants receive timely notification about the outcome of their AMCAS® application.
The AAMC recommends the following to help ensure that all MD and MD-PhD applicants receive timely notification about the outcome of their application and to protect schools and programs from having unfilled positions in their entering classes. These protocols are often referred to as “Traffic Rules” by admissions officers and pre-health advisors. Prospective applicants, their advisors, and admission staff at medical schools and programs should all be aware of these Application and Acceptance Protocols for applicants.

The AAMC recommends that as an applicant to a MD or MD-PhD program, you:

1. Understand, and comply with these Applicant Responsibilities as well as with the application, acceptance, and admission procedures at each school or program to which you apply.

2. Provide accurate and truthful information in all aspects of your application, interview(s), acceptance, and admission processes for each school or program to which you apply.

3. Submit all application documents (e.g., primary and secondary application forms, transcript[s], letters of evaluation/recommendation, fees, etc.) on or before the school or program's published deadline date.

4. Notify all relevant medical school application services of any change, permanent or temporary, your contact information (e.g., mailing address, telephone number, and email address).

5. If you will be unavailable for an extended period of time (e.g., during foreign travel, vacation, holidays) during the application/admission process:

a. Provide instructions regarding your application, and the authority to respond to any offers of acceptance to a parent or other responsible individual in your absence.

b. Inform all schools or programs at which your application remains under consideration of this person's name and contact information.

6. Respond promptly to a school's or program's invitation for interview. If you cannot appear for a previously scheduled interview, notify the school or program immediately that you need to cancel via the school or program’s preferred method.

7. Begin the steps necessary to determine your eligibility for financial aid. This may include filing need-analysis forms early, and encouraging your parents (when required) to file the appropriate income tax forms.

8. In fairness to other applicants, if you have decided before April 30 not to attend a medical school or program that has offered you an acceptance, promptly withdraw your application from that school(s) or program(s) by written correspondence or the method preferred.

9. If you receive an offer of acceptance from more than one school or program, choose the school at which you will enroll by April 30. Then, promptly withdraw your application, by written correspondence, from all other schools or programs that have offered you an acceptance.

10. Withdraw your application from consideration at all other schools or programs as soon as you enroll, or start an orientation program prior to enrollment, at a U.S. or Canadian school or program.

*If any date falls on a weekend/holiday the recommendation(s) will apply to the following business day.

Approved: AAMC Council of Deans Administrative Board, September 2014
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