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AMCAS® Postsubmission Actions

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Before submitting your AMCAS application, you should review it carefully and thoroughly. Once your application is submitted, only certain changes will be allowable.

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Permitted Changes

After the initial submission of your application, you may only make changes to the following information:

  • Your ID numbers.
  • Your name, including full legal name, preferred name, and alternate names.
  • Your contact Information, including your permanent address, preferred mailing address, and e-mail address.
  • Your alternate contact information.
  • Your date of birth and sex.
  • Letters of evaluation (although please note that you can only make additions of up to 10 letters, and you must notify AMCAS if you have a letter you wish to no longer be sent to medical schools; you cannot delete letters of evaluation from your application).
  • Your next MCAT testing date.
  • The addition of medical schools and the altering of existing program types (deadlines, restrictions and an additional fee may apply).
  • The release of your application information to your prehealth advisor.

You must re-certify and officially update your application after making a change. This will not cause any processing delays, and you will not be charged unless you have added more medical school designations.

Academic Change Requests

To address changes made by AMCAS to your Course Work section during the Verification process, you must submit an Academic Change Request (ACR).

AMCAS requires that you review verified coursework and GPA information. If you find discrepancies, or you disagree with changes made during the verification process, you must submit an Academic Change Request to be reviewed by AMCAS. Upon review, the request will be granted or denied. The Academic Change Request option is available on the right side of the Main Menu. This option becomes available only after your application has completed the Verification process.

Please allow at least five (5) business days for AMCAS to review and/or process the Academic Change Request. When an Academic Change Request is granted, AMCAS will update the medical schools you have applied to with the amended information immediately. This will not impact application deadlines.

To submit an Academic Change Request, select one of the following reasons:

  • Re-compute the following GPA/hours
  • Re-verify the following courses
  • Add the following courses
  • Delete courses that were added by AMCAS Verifications team (based on errors or omissions compared to applicant official college transcripts)
  • Update the following school information

In the accompanying ACR text block, enter explicit detail about your request and explain why you are requesting this change to your AMCAS application. Additional documentation may be required.

Multiple requests may be entered in the text block.

AMCAS will only evaluate the following items in an Academic Change Request:

Academic Status

Academic Term

Academic Year


Course Classification - If you disagree with a change AMCAS made during the verification process to a course classification, you must submit an Academic Change Request to initiate a reevaluation. Please copy and paste either the course description directly from your school's website or the URL where it can be found so that AMCAS can verify the primary content of the course.

Course Type

Credit Hours Attempted

Degree Date and/ or Degree Type

Incorrect School Name


Major and Minor-  When requesting a change, AMCAS cannot specify a major and minor type as the applicant should before submitting application. AMCAS will change to the most compatible Major and Minor.

Official Transcript Grade

Omitted Course work, this does not include CC/Future coursework

Semester or Supplemental Hours

Add a school and the associated coursework, if you failed to report the school on the AMCAS application at the time of submission. However, you are required to submit the transcript from the institution that was not included when submitting the application. The official transcript must be received prior to submitting the Academic Change Request. If the transcript is not received by AMCAS prior to submitting the Academic Change Request, it will be denied.  

Update the grade in your application, if the school made an error when reporting a grade. However, you must have the school submit an updated transcript reflecting the changed grade and the transcript must be accompanied by a letter from the registrar's office explaining the reason for the change. If the letter is not included with the updated transcript, the Academic Change Request will be denied.

AMCAS will not change or correct:

  • Course names, titles, or numbers.
  • Updated grades and hours for certain types of courses that were left off the application and did not appear on any official transcript at the time of processing, including:
    • Current (CC)
    • Deferred Grade (DG)
    • Honors (H) AMCAS does not add the Honors type if omitted by the applicant
    • Incomplete (I)
  • Any other sections or items in your application.

*AMCAS Academic Change Request policies are subject to change each application year.

Legal Residence Changes

After submitting your AMCAS application, you may request to change your state of legal residence. A request to update the state of legal residence must be sent from your primary email listed on your application.

The email must be sent to and include the following information:

  • Applicant Name
  • Applicant AAMC ID
  • State and county of legal residence currently listed in the application
  • State and county of legal residence that the applicant would like it changed to
  • AMCAS Application year for which you are requesting the change

AMCAS will only update county of residence when the state of legal residence is also changed. The county of legal residence will not be updated for any other reason.
Medical schools that request this type of change on behalf of an applicant will be asked to have the applicant follow the procedure outlined in the AMCAS Applicant Guide to have the requested change processed by AMCAS.

Addition of Medical Schools

You may add medical school choices or designations to your submitted application. Medical school additions or program changes can be made at any time, as long as the deadline for the school you wish to add has not passed. A fee will apply for medical school additions.

Fees may vary each application cycle. For the 2022 AMCAS application cycle it is $170, which includes one medical school designation, and $42 for each additional medical school.

You must re-certify, officially update your application, and pay any additional fees for added designations by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) on the deadline day. Re-certifying and officially updating your application will not cause any processing delays.

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2022 AMCAS Application

The 2022 AMCAS application is now open. If you wish to start medical school in Fall 2022, please complete and submit the 2022 AMCAS application. 

As of November 29 AMCAS is:

Marking transcripts as "Received" that were delivered on or before:

  • Paper (mailed) – November 29
  • Parchment – November 24
  • National Student Clearinghouse – November 29

Processing applications that reached "Ready for Review" on November 24. 

Processing Academic Change Requests submitted on November 23.

2022 AMCAS® Applicant Guide

Outline of the current AMCAS application process, policies, and procedures.

Fee Assistance Program

If approved for the Fee Assistance Program, you will receive a waiver for all AMCAS fees for one (1) application submission with up to 20 medical school designations ($968 value). Benefits are not retroactive.

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