Quick Lookup in the Advisor Information System

This report allows you to search for an advisee who is an MCAT examinee, AMCAS applicant, or both.

Enter the applicant’s AAMC ID or their first and/or last name (not case sensitive). Limit your search by selecting an AMCAS application year or leave it blank to search all available applications.

You may also search by using the wildcard characters (* and %). You may use wildcard characters multiple times in the same query, but you must provide at least three non-wildcard letters.

If you enter this in the Last Name field: 

You will get…

johnson Everyone with a last name of Johnson
joh*  (or joh%) Everyone with a last name of Johnson, Johanssen, Johns, etc.        
*ohn* Everyone with a last name of Johnson, Johns, Hohner, etc.


If your search returns only one AMCAS applicant, data for that applicant will be displayed. If your search returns more than one AMCAS applicant or MCAT examinee, your results will display in a list. Click on a specific application to view a particular advisee’s data.

The status of the AMCAS application is at the bottom of the results table. If their AMCAS application status is “Hold,” the result table will display the transcript receipt status (Received or Not Received), for each school the advisee has attended. Click on an applicant’s AAMC ID number to view their MCAT scores.

Official Health Professions Advisor System Access Form

Official form for health professions advisors to request access to AMCAS application information and MCAT scores.

Advisor Information System Definitions and Descriptions

This list outlines definitions for abbreviations that appear in the Advisor Information System (AIS).

AIS Admission Action Codes

Definitions of AMCAS Medical School Actions for use with the Advisor Information System

Medical Schools by School Code

The regular M.D. programs at AMCAS participating medical schools listed by code.