Advisor Information System: MCAT Roster and Summary

This AIS report allows authorized pre-health advisors to create a list of MCAT examinees who released their scores to your institution and run an aggregate report with comparative statistics.

Examinees may release their scores to their pre-health advisors when they register for the MCAT or when they submit AMCAS applications.

Select a date range by choosing the start month/year and end month/year from the drop-down selection menus. Then choose what tables you would like to see in the output. Selecting "Roster" will display a table for each examinee, including bio information and score date. Selecting "Summary" will display a table of averages for your students as well as a comparison to national averages. You may then elect to display the roster/summary results directly to the screen or download them in a file.


If "Roster" was selected, each examinee will have MCAT data displayed. If an examinee also has an AMCAS application, a link will be provided to view the associated data (on-screen view only; link not provided in download file). If "Summary" was selected, tables will display aggregate information with comparisons to national averages.

Official Health Professions Advisor System Access Form

Official form for health professions advisors to request access to AMCAS application information and MCAT scores.

Advisor Information System Definitions and Descriptions

This list outlines definitions for abbreviations that appear in the Advisor Information System (AIS).

AIS Admission Action Codes

Definitions of AMCAS Medical School Actions for use with the Advisor Information System

Medical Schools by School Code

The regular M.D. programs at AMCAS participating medical schools listed by code.