About AAMC PREview® Accommodations

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The AAMC is guided by our mission to provide a valid exam while maintaining a level playing field for all test takers, by ensuring access to persons with disabilities in accordance with relevant law. We are committed to providing all individuals with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency on the AAMC PREview® professional readiness exam.

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We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the entire process before applying. You can access these pages by using the buttons to the right.

Important Steps Before Applying

  • Create an AAMC ID (if you have not already done so)

  • Understand how our review process works

  • Review pertinent review cycles, deadlines, & dates

  • Understand all necessary application steps

  • Identify application requirements associated with your condition

Our Review Process

Our policies are guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as our mission to provide a valid exam while maintaining a level playing field for all test takers. Keep in mind, it is your current functional limitations (in combination with the demands of the task you will be undertaking), not diagnosis alone, that determines the appropriateness of a requested accommodation.

Since most applicants for AAMC PREview® accommodations have taken or will be taking the MCAT exam, both exams require the same supporting documentation. Please read the documentation requirements provided on the MCAT exam webpages.

Below is an overview of the components that we look for within your documentation:

  • Identification of your diagnosis and impairments by a qualified professional

  • Discussion of the current functional limitations affecting your ability to access the exam

  • Recommendations for accommodations on the exam

  • A rationale for each recommended accommodation

PREview Accommodations Application

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Application Steps

To apply for AAMC PREview accommodations, you will need to submit a brief application.

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AAMC PREview Accommodations FAQs

Get answers to your questions about who should apply for accommodations, documentation requirements, and when and how to apply.

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