AAMC PREview® Exam Time and Testing Conditions

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The AAMC PREview® professional readiness exam’s online format puts more of the testing environment in your control. Read about the testing conditions to determine if you need to apply for accommodations.

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The exam time for the PREview exam is relatively short at just 75 minutes (1 hour, 15 minutes). The total seated time ranges between 95 and 115 minutes, which you can influence by ensuring your computer and workspace meet the required specifications before your exam start time. For more information on the test format, go to AAMC PREview Test Day. If you have a condition that requires a modification of or adjustment to the standard testing time, you must apply for accommodations on the PREview exam.

You will be taking the exam at a location of your choice (as long as the location meets our specifications for test security), therefore there are certain conditions and items for which you might need prior approval for other standardized exams but which are not applicable to the PREview exam. Since you are in control of certain aspects of your testing environment and equipment, you do not need to submit an PREview Application for Accommodations for the following:

  • Separate testing room – you are required to select a room which will not be accessed by anyone other than you while your exam is underway.

  • Adjustable chair and workstation – you should provide these items if you require them, but you are required to stay seated during the exam. If you require the ability to stand using a standing desk during the exam, you must submit an application for accommodations.

  • Wheelchair accessibility – you should select a room that is wheelchair accessible if needed.

  • Adjustable lighting – you should select a room with adjustable lighting or provide your own lighting alternative as needed. Please note that your testing room must have sufficient light for the remote proctor to observe you through your computer’s camera. 

  • Trackball, touchpad, ergonomic keyboard, screen overlay – you are required to provide your own computer equipment and therefore should select equipment and related accessories that meet your individual needs. Please note that any equipment or accessories you provide must meet our technical and security specifications and must allow the remote proctor to adequately observe you through your computer’s camera throughout your exam session. For example, if you are using a screen overlay, ensure you choose one that does not cover your computer’s webcam. The proctor may request you to display your equipment and accessories for visual inspection prior to the start of your exam.

  • Enlarged Font – The exam includes a feature which allows unlimited font size for all test takers.

In addition to the above conditions and equipment, you are permitted to bring certain resources into the testing room without the need for prior approval. For a full list of resources and related terms and conditions, please review our Resources Not Requiring Prior Approval.

Please note:

  • The remote proctor may require you to display the resources not requiring prior approval for visual inspection before you begin your exam.
  • This list differs from the resources list for the MCAT® exam. Please make sure you review the correct list for the PREview exam.
  • Some items on the list require advanced notification to the AAMC so that we can notify our testing agency in advance of your scheduled exam.  Please review the list carefully and email us at previewaccommodations@aamc.org at least 14 business days prior to your appointment if you are in need of any resources that require advanced notification.

Accommodations Requiring Approval

The PREview exam is a standardized exam. All examinees must take the exam using the same online testing software and must meet the same technical and exam security requirements. If you have a disability or medical condition that requires a modification of or adjustment to the specified conditions, you must apply for accommodations on the PREview exam. Requests for these adjustments must be supported by documentation indicating normative impairment that impacts your ability to access the exam under standard conditions. 

Commonly requested accommodations include:

Please note that these examples are not exhaustive and do not represent all the accommodations that may be available for the exam.

You should submit a request for the accommodation(s) that you and your qualified professional believe is necessary for you to take the exam in an accessible manner. Keep in mind that the requested accommodations should clearly relate to the functional limitations you experience and be relevant to the demands of the PREview exam.

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Application Steps

To apply for AAMC PREview accommodations, you will need to submit a brief application.

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