A Road Map to MCAT® Content in Sociology and Psychology Textbooks

Prepare for the MCAT® exam with this official Road Map to MCAT Content in Sociology and Psychology Textbooks.

We reached out to publishers of sociology and psychology textbooks and asked them to identify where the foundational concepts and content categories tested on the MCAT exam can be found within their textbooks. Four textbooks are included in this resource, and two others will be added soon. We will update it as we hear from publishers of other textbooks.


All references to the textbook and corresponding content information were self-reported by the publishers. The AAMC has not verified the information for accuracy or relevance. This information is not intended to prescribe a program of study for the MCAT exam, promote a textbook, or guarantee success on the exam.

Invitation to Textbook Publishers

If you are a publisher of an introductory textbook on sociology or psychology and would like to add your publication and information to this reference document, please email mcatprep@aamc.org.