AAMC MCAT® Official Prep Updates

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Learn more about the new MCAT® Prep enhancements for the upcoming testing year. 

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What’s on the MCAT® Exam? Content Outline Course 

The free What’s on the MCAT® Exam? Content Outline contains the complete list of foundational concepts, content categories, skills, and disciplines you will need to know for test day. The outline is now available as a course in the MCAT Official Prep Hub, with links to Khan Academy lessons and other free open access resources covering the same content.

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Enhancement to Practice Exams 2 & 3

Practice Exams 2 and 3 now include explanations for all answer choices in all four sections, available for new and past purchases. They will be visible by starting a new practice session and reviewing the questions in the score report. All AAMC practice exams now include explanations for all answer options in all four sections.   

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Confidence Levels in Question Sets

All AAMC MCAT® Official Prep question sets (not the full-length practice exams) now have a confidence level feature. After answering a question, you have the option to select a confidence level. You can then review your ratings in a separate tab on your score report to optimize your studying. This enhancement is available for new and past purchases. 

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Minor Interface Updates to the MCAT® Exam and Practice Exams 

Updated November 8, 2023: A minor interface change to the exam is still in development and will not be implemented for the 2024 testing year as originally expected. MCAT exams administered in 2024 will use the same interface used in testing year 2023.

The MCAT Practice Exams in the Prep Hub currently reflect the interface updates from October 4, but will be adjusted in early December to match the same interface as the real exam. We will provide an update on this page when the changes in the Prep Hub have been implemented.  

Some of the interface updates that will change back to the previous interface in the practice exams include the following: 

  • The basic zoom function will not be available  (If you need screen magnification, visit the MCAT Accommodations page to apply.)
  • The break notifications will be presented as a pop-up instead of a screen
  • Esc will no longer close the periodic table and the Navigation window 
  • The instructions for the Section Review of the practice exams will remain on the page and will not have a pop-up box  
  • The color of radio button to select answer choices and scroll bar between passages and answer choices  

Published October 4, 2023: A few small updates have been made to the MCAT® testing interface for the 2024 testing year. A basic zoom function was added, allowing you to zoom in and out on content. Learn about all new exam features in the Practice with Exam Features Tool. 

Note: The basic zoom function is not the same as ZoomText, which is an advanced screen magnification program requiring prior approval as an accommodation

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