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Information about premedical coursework requirements and recommendations, and data sources for the Medical School Admission Requirements™.

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While each medical school requires the completion of a four-year degree from an accredited institution, the premedical coursework requirements vary from school to school. Every medical school determines their own list of required or recommended premedical coursework, and some accept AP, online, and community college courses while others do not. Some require you to complete specific classes, while others have progressed to competency-based admissions and do not require students to complete a particular list of courses prior to applying. Each school also has unique requirements for coursework, lab experience, volunteer experience, and shadowing experience. In general, students will likely complete the following types of courses:

  • One year of Biology.
  • One year of English.
  • Two years of Chemistry (through Organic Chemistry).

To find school-specific requirements for each U.S. and Canadian medical school, see the Medical School Admission Requirement website

A one-year subscription can be purchased from AAMC Publications.

In addition to challenging coursework, applicants should look for opportunities to demonstrate a range of competencies. You can learn more about competencies and how other students have demonstrated them here.

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