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The process to compute and report MCAT® scores is rigorous, and the AAMC conducts a variety of quality control procedures to verify score accuracy. The possibility for error in the scoring process is extremely low. However, if you believe that a scoring error has been made, you may request that your answers be independently rescored by hand to double-check the accuracy of your scores.

To request a rescore, you may submit an MCAT Rescore Request through the MCAT Registration System. Rescore Requests can be submitted no later than 30 calendar days after the score release date. After submitting a Rescore Request, you will receive an invoice for payment via email. A Rescore Request is not complete until full payment is received. The price associated with a Rescore Request is $80 USD for the 2024 testing year.

The AAMC will respond to your email request within three weeks of its receipt. The response letter will either confirm your original scores as reported or inform you of the corrected scaled scores for each test section. We will not disclose your raw scores or provide any additional feedback on your exam performance or experience.

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MCAT Security Tip Line

The MCAT program considers the integrity and security of the exam process to be very important. If you observe any irregular behavior or exam security violations before, during, or after an examination, please call or email the MCAT Security tip line. If you choose to remain anonymous, the AAMC will not disclose your identity unless required by law. Submit a tip anonymously

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