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If you took the exam prior to 1991 and need a copy of your MCAT® scores, you will need to request a PDF copy of your score report.

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MCAT scores from 1990 and earlier are not available in the MCAT Score Reporting System. If you have MCAT scores from this time frame, you may request a paper copy of your score report by following the instructions:

  1. Please email mcat@aamc.org with "Search of Scores Pre-1991" in the subject line. In the body of the email list your full name, date of birth, undergraduate college and year you graduated from that college and years you remember taking the MCAT. Please note: if you can name your MCAT years as a range, this is helpful.

  2. The MCAT Specialist will confirm for you based on your information what your scores are and let you know the price for these printed scores. The turnaround for these messages is 1-3 business days.

Price Breakdown:

  • 1 score copy is $50
  • Additional years are $25
  • Additional recipients are $10

For example, if you are ordering a score report to include two test dates and you want the report sent to three recipients, the cost will be: (1 test date $50 + 1 additional test date $25) + (2 additional recipients x $10) = $95

  1. After you have confirmed the copies with the specialist, you will receive a digital invoice allowing you to securely pay. You will receive an automatic receipt after you pay.

  2. Your scores will be mailed within 2 weeks of your receipt.

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MCAT Security Tip Line

The MCAT program considers the integrity and security of the exam process to be very important. If you observe any irregular behavior or exam security violations before, during, or after an examination, please call or email the MCAT Security tip line. If you choose to remain anonymous, the AAMC will not disclose your identity unless required by law. Submit a tip anonymously

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