What Can I Do With My Degree?

Medicine provides many options for practice, from the traditional private practice to large teaching hospital settings. While many choose medicine as a profession because they want to care for patients, it’s not the only work physicians can do.

MD-PhD: Is it Right For Me?

Information on career options for MD-PhDs.

MD-PhD in the Social Sciences or Humanities: Is it Right for Me?

Information about MD-PhD programs and possible careers in the social sciences and humanities.
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Career Paths for PhD Graduates

Biomedical scientists can use their knowledge of biomedical research in a wide variety of ways.

What's the Difference Between MD and DO Medical Programs?

This graphic illustrates many of the similarities and differences between MD and DO programs. Speak to your pre-health advisor to decide which programs might be right for you.

What It's Like to Be an Undergrad in a BS-MD Program

Hear from a student enrolled in a BS-MD program about how he decided on the program and what his application process entailed.

What it's Like to Participate in a BS-MD Program

A medical student answers questions about why she chose a BS-MD program and how her classes differ from those in an undergraduate program.