Kyle Gospodarek

Kyle survived multiple surgeries and a stroke during medical school, but ultimately graduated in 2016. He says, "It was an absolutely grueling experience, but I would still do it all over again.

Danish Zaidi

Danish’s background in Divinity School led to his interest in medicine and serving on the Board of Directors of the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities. Some may call his journey to medical school “unique” but Danish calls it “inspired”.

Adam Benjamin

Adam's Crohn’s disease diagnosis at the age of nine, and knowing that so many others struggle with the disease, has motivated him to pursue a career in medicine.

Haidn Foster

Haidn changed careers to go to medical school, and now balances research and advocacy to make the medical field more inclusive and supportive for LGBTQ+ students, providers, and patients.

Nicole Barainca Smith

Nicole left her job in business to go back to school to complete her medical school prerequisites. Now as a medical student and mother of two, she wants to tell other parents it's possible.

Aisa Iyawe

Aisa, an immigrant who experienced homelessness after moving to the US, says her hardships provided opportunities for growth and motivated her to become a doctor and work with underserved populations.

Rebecca M. Lynch

Rebecca, who has dyslexia and struggled with general chemistry, says her biggest obstacle was overcoming self-doubt. She wants to remind premeds that no one expects you to be perfect and not to give up.

Andy Chen

Andy took the MCAT exam seven times and applied to medical school twice before getting one interview and acceptance. He reminds premeds to have faith in themselves and that perseverance and grit are important for a career in medicine.

Diego R. Dasilva, MD

Diego, born in Brazil, was the first in his family to complete college and started off as an average student. Now he's a dermatology resident who wants premeds to know you don't need to come from an educated or affluent family to succeed in the medical field.

Leslie Pensa

Leslie was diagnosed with ADHD during her first year of medical school and wants to remind others to never be afraid to ask for help.

Canon Brodar

Canon was admitted to medical school on his third application cycle. His advice for others is to apply broadly and that patience and persistence are key.

Antonio Garcia

Antonio had to boost his GPA, retake the MCAT exam, and reapply to medical school, but he was motivated by the lack of primary care physicians and health care disparities in his community.

Emily Hayward

Emily battled viral encephalitis for years during college, and now as a MD/PhD student, she reminds premeds that it's okay to ask for help.

Britt DeRuyter

A former nurse, and mother of four young children, Britt wants other non-traditional students to know that determination and motivation are more important in determining success than the time in your life that you start medical school.

Analise McGreal

Analise, the first in her family to attend college, changed career paths from psychiatric research to medicine because she was inspired to work with patients.

Kendrick Williams

After shadowing radiation oncologists, Kendrick decided to change careers to pursue medicine thanks to the support of his wife and daughter.

Claudia Martinez

Claudia has had multiple hospitalizations, brain surgeries, and health issues throughout medical school but has finished her second year. Her advice to premeds is to never give up on your dream.

Justin Mauser

Justin's two unsuccessful application cycles allowed him to have gap year experiences that confirmed medicine was right for him, including becoming an EMT, scribing, and doing a cross-country bike tour for charity.

Pavan Mehat

Pavan on why he's glad he took time to get a master's degree before medical school, and the importance of doing activities because you're passionate about them, not just because you think they'll look good on your application.

Yasaman Ataei

Yasaman, an immigrant with English as her second language, struggled with the verbal section of the MCAT exam, but kept a positive attitude and strengthened other parts of her application.

Jason Han

Jason's family came to America when he was ten years old, and he was inspired by his mother's work with elderly Korean immigrants. Now he's starting his residency in Cardiothoracic Surgery.

Kelly Cawcutt, MD

Dr. Cawcutt, who was a first generation college student, says her story proves that it does not matter who you are or what your background is – you can succeed at becoming a physician.

Renee Ridley

After working as a nurse and professor for 30 years, and taking the MCAT exam 5 times, Renee is in medical school pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor.

Marianne Seneczko

Marianne was inspired to serve in U.S. Military Medical Corps after volunteering at a military hospital in Ukraine during her Fulbright Fellowship.

Carl Allamby

Carl started medical school after owning an automotive repair business for twenty-five years. He says it's never too late to do something you're passionate about!

Dipika Gaur

As someone who retook the MCAT exam and took several gap years before medical school, Dipika reminds pre-meds that their path to medical school may not be a straight line.

Boluwaji Ogunyemi, MD

Dr. Ogunyemi, Chief Dermatology Resident, writes about how he maintains a work-life balance and the power of mentorship.

Luis E. Seija

As someone who took the MCAT exam five times and applied to medical school twice, Luis wants pre-meds to know there's no recipe for a perfect applicant and there's no point in comparing yourself to your peers.

Ariel Dempsey

After a brain injury and terminal diagnosis, Ariel decided to still go to medical school. Now she's in her second year.

Cesar Eber Montelongo Hernandez

Cesar couldn't apply to medical school when he first graduated from college due to his undocumented status. Now he's in a MD-PhD program and hopes to practice in the Southwest where there's a high need for Spanish-speaking physicians.

Sabrina Clerssaint

When Sabrina wasn't successful the first time she applied to medical school, she used the setback as an opportunity to recharge and become a medical scribe.

Brian H. Williams, MD

Dr. Williams spent six years in the Air Force as an aeronautical engineer before pursuing a career in medicine.

Christina Tull

Growing up in Indonesia, Christina noticed her community's lack of access to healthcare. When an earthquake hit her hometown, she joined the relief effort and became interested in medicine.

Andrew Zureick

As a first year medical student, Andrew co-authored a guidebook for high school and college students in STEM majors and careers. Now he's taking a gap year during medical school to pursue full-time research.

Arhanti Sadanand

Arhanti taught a Medical Spanish elective for her peers in medical school to help them establish rapport with their Spanish speaking patients, and hopes to continue to incorporate the Spanish language in her career in pediatrics.

Amareen Dhaliwal

Amareen, who started college at the age of 15 and medical school at 19, has been motivated by those who discouraged her from starting at such a young age.

Andrew (Andy) Stephen Cruz, MD

Dr. Cruz, a music major and pianist, was inspired to pursue medicine after graduate school by the homeless, uninsured population in his hometown.

Kristian Black

As a first generation college student and an African American male from the deep south, Kristian was inspired by the need for more diversity in medicine.

Ana Jimenez

A former nurse, and mother of three, Ana decided it wasn't too late to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.

Abraar Karan

Abraar explored journalism, photography, and entrepreneurship but decided on medicine so he can care for people in low-income regions of the world.

Edem Abotsi

Edem's first medical school application wasn't successful, but he was accepted after gaining research experience and improving his MCAT score.

Ashtin Jeney

Ashtin is a first generation college graduate from a rural community who is interested in public health and health policy.

Nicholas Beam

Nicholas encourages pre-meds to explore interests outside of medicine because they will make you a better doctor and person in the long run.

Jeff Mahlum

Following an injury that left him paralyzed from the chest down, Jeff wasn't sure if he'd be able to go to medical school, but he continued to pursue his dream.

Aaron Hollis Palmer

Aaron grew up in project housing and dropped out of college twice before applying to medical school.

Sarah Mongiello Bernstein

Sarah talks about overcoming her illness and tells others that it's okay get to medical school on their own timeline.

Allison Lyle

Allison got accepted on her fourth application to medical school. She shares mistakes from her first three applications and how she stayed motivated.

Amanda Colbert

Amanda talks about the importance of supportive family and friends and not giving up on medical school.

Subha Hanif

Subha founded a women’s health seminar for female Bangladeshi-Americans to help mitigate health disparities and to promote the prevention of disease.

Edmond Irankunda

Growing up as a refugee in Africa, Edmond was motivated by the need for health care. During nursing school, he wanted to keep learning so he decided to pursue medical school.

Eric Zuniga

University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine, 2019 His father's illness inspired Eric to leave his engineering career to pursue medicine.

Jaclyn Dovico

Jaclyn left her career in finance to pursue a career in medicine. Now she balances medical school with being a parent.

Clay Downey

Clay had a business degree, no science prerequisites, and no experience in a health care setting, but he decided to pursue a career in medicine anyway.

The Rev. Suzanne Watson

After a career in the church, Suzanne decided to pursue medicine at the age of 48. She says you're never too old to live your dreams.

Tyler Mains

Feeling limited in his role as a teacher, Tyler decided to pursue medicine to help those without easy access to health care.

Wells LaRivière

Wells found inspiration in his experience as a patient of polycystic kidney disease and receiving a kidney transplant at age 17.

Adam Aponte, MD

Dr. Aponte shares stories about his underprivileged background on a radio show in New York City.

Julio Mendoza

Chronic pain and hospitalizations exposed Julio to medicine at a young age, now he wants to use his experiences to help others.

V. Antoine Keller, MD

A cardiac doctor shares his journey in hopes of encouraging more minority students to become doctors.

Jacquelyn K. Francis

Growing up in St. Lucia, Jacquelyn witnessed social and economic hardships that inspired her to become a physician.

Marciana Lee Laster

Marciana balances competing in Miss America pageants with attending medical school.

Mary Becker Rysavy

Mary describes her work with the American Medical Women’s Association and addresses the unique concerns that face women in medicine.

Sunny Jha

How Sunny gained admission into medical school despite his below average GPA.

Abdul Hassan

Abdul is inspired by his mother's nearly fatal medical complications and his late mentor's battle with cancer.

Lynne Holden, MD

Dr. Lynne Holden is the co-founder and President of Mentoring in Medicine, Inc.®

Connie Mariano, MD

Dr. Mariano served nine years at the White House where she was physician to three sitting American Presidents.

Amber Rae Wang

Because of her interest in biology, law enforcement, and death investigation, Amber knew in high school she wanted to be a forensic pathologist.

Dani Sova

How Dani balances rabbinic studies, parenthood, and medical school.

Verne' Rochford

Verne' achieved her goals of going to medical school despite becoming a single teenage mother.

Kofi Mensah

Kofi's work with children with terminal illnesses led him to pursue an MD and a PhD

Elizabeth Phillips

After studying biomedical engineering, Elizabeth changed directions to pursue medicine and complete a dual MD/MA in bioethics, specializing in emergency medicine.

Chigozirim Ekeke

After being discouraged and teased about his Nigerian heritage growing up, Chigozirim shares his journey to medical school with students from his hometown.

Juliet Siena Okoroh

Juliet, a first generation immigrant to the U.S., started off working her way through community college and took two years off before medical school.

Carl G. Streed Jr.

As an openly gay med student, and now physician, Carl is an advocate for LGBT health at the national policy level.

Navin Kesari

Navin is inspired by his parents who immigrated to the U.S. and made sacrifices so that he and his brother could pursue the American dream.

Alex Gannon

As a gay and transgender med student, Alex tells applicants it's okay to be themselves when applying and selecting a medical school.

Michael On'Gele

Witnessing the health disparities in his community motivates Michael to want to practice in urban areas.

Damien M. Luviano, MD

Born with a physical handicap and growing up in poverty, Dr. Luviano overcame many obstacles to join the U.S. Army and then become an ophthalmologist.

Mike Hoaglin

After working for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service's Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology in Washington, D.C., Mike helped create a chapter of AcademyHealth at the University of Pennsylvania - to promote health services research and policy...

Kanani Titchen

How Kanani applies the skills learned through the arts and her experience working with at-risk youth to her career in medicine.

Jessica Means

Jessica shares how she balances going to medical school and being a professional pianist.

Cheri Blauwet

After overcoming a spinal cord injury, Cheri decided that she was not sick or flawed because she moved around on wheels instead of on two feet. Today, she brings this sense of acceptance and positive self-identity to patients.

George Hanna

After growing up in an under-served community and surviving a life-threatening car accident, George pursued his dream through hard work, faith, and great medical care.

Seth Gregory

Surviving childhood cancer led Seth to study medicine.

Shea Poynter

Shea was inspired by her incredible physician, who also became her research mentor, to study medicine.

Tiffany Chan

Tiffany had a brain tumor removed during college. After a lot of hard work, she started medical school eight years later.

Andrew P. Ordon, MD

Dr. Ordon balances careers as a surgeon and informational talk show host, and explains how his experience on an Emmy-winning television show led him to volunteer for medical charities around the world.

David Parker, MD

A team physician for the Washington Redskins, Dr. Parker describes how his father inspired him to pursue a career in medicine.

Norm Thagard, MD

Dr. Thagard draws upon his medical education and Vietnam combat experience to work at NASA.

Elizabeth Davlantes

Elizabeth's study abroad experience helped her determine to spend her medical career practicing international humanitarian assistance.

Stephanie Treffert

Experiencing the aftermath of Katrina led her to medicine and public policy.

Kevin Pho, MD

Dr. Pho explains how he divides his day between blogging, writing for mainstream publications, seeing patients, and spending time with his family.

Jennifer Ellis, MD

Dr. Ellis, who majored in philosophy in college says, "Keep your eye on the prize, ask for help if you need it, and hold yourself to the highest standard."

Alexa M. Mieses

Alexa shares that no matter where you come from or who you are, you can be a doctor. Often the tricky part is finding the support and guidance necessary to realize your dreams.

Valerie A. Pierre

Valerie was inspired to help others by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the support of her parents.

Diane Reis

Through her work with Teach for America, Diane discovered that she was much more suited to medical work than to teaching.