Aspiring Docs Fact Sheets

Learn about the basics of getting started on a path to medicine, how to get medically related experience, the application process, and what it's like to be a medical student.

Aspiring Docs Fact Sheets: The Basics

Learn about the application process and decide if medical school is right for you.

Aspiring Docs Fact Sheets: Get Experience

How to get medical experience before you apply to medical school. 

Aspiring Docs Fact Sheets: Applying

Learn about the medical school application process.

Aspiring Docs Fact Sheets: What Medical School Is Like

Hear from medical students about their experiences applying for, and attending, medical school. 
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Getting Into Medical School: AAMC Resources for Premed Students

The AAMC offers trusted resources and services to help you navigate the journey from premed to residency and beyond.

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