PhD Graduates at Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

A wide range of career opportunities exists in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including research and development, clinical trials, quality assurance and control, regulatory affairs, and marketing and sales.

Drug discovery research within industry involves working on the discovery or development of new drug compounds, and may include various stages from initial chemical formulation to end stage clinical research. Entry level positions may be available with or without postdoctoral experience, with companies ranging from small start-ups to large global companies.

Some pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations look for PhD scientists to help set up, monitor and oversee clinical trials. Positions in quality assurance and control involve planning and quality control of scientific manufacturing plants and products, as well as design, development and implementation of systems and procedures in accordance with appropriate guidelines and legislation.

Regulatory affairs professionals provide a communications link between companies and regulatory agencies such as FDA, helping their company keep up and comply with the increasing scope and complexity of regulations in the United States and abroad.

There is also a demand for life science graduates in the sales departments of larger companies such as pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies, selling to health care providers and research institutions.

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